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QMS achieve IG SoC Level 2

QMS systems and services are developed with information governance as a key design principle. We are delighted that QMS have achieved IGSoC Level 2 for 2014 – 2015, making this the fourth year in a row.  All  QMS staff are trained to high standards to ensure consistent, reliable and secure services at every point of delivery.  For more details on QMS’s commitment to Information Governance please email


QMS Health Check Focus contributes to the rise in take up of NHS Health Checks

QMS Health Check Focus is seeing an increase in usage as the national health check programme gains pace. 2013-2014 saw a national increase of 9.50% in the uptake of health checks. QMS Health Check Focus has been used to manage the programme in some South London Boroughs, targeting over 250,000 eligible patients and resulting in 30,500 health checks. For more information on the PHE release click here.



Congratulations to the Team at Lambeth Walk Practice on becoming the first practice in Lambeth to win the RGCP Quality Practice Award.



Increasing concerns about future measles outbreak

Increasing concerns regarding future measles outbreaks have resulted in the announcement of a National Campaign to target those who are inadequately vaccinated with MMR. We are delighted that QMS have been able to respond to the national campaign. The April release of QMS Practice Focus includes a new audit to identify susceptible patients between 10 and 16 years old who should be invited for an MMR before September 2013.

Dr Martin Bethell

Managing Director, QMS


Practices face income losses in 2013 - 2014

Pulse reported that the average practice faces a reduction in income of £31,000. A QMS Practice Review would ensure practices are maximising income in the challenging times ahead. The QMS Practice Review process helps practices identify missing income even when maximum points are achieved. Click here for further information.


Update to QoF: Versions 22.1 and 23

The QoF module and report within QMS Practice Focus has now been updated to the latest version of the QoF business rules (version 23). This update includes several minor code changes to existing read code groups and also some minor changes to a small number of indicators as follows:

Mental Health 19

The qualifying criteria date range for hypertension has changed from "Latest first or new after 01.04.09" to "Latest ever" (This is for the denominator criteria for MH19 to exclude patients with a diagnosis of Hypertension that has not resolved)

Osteoporosis 03

A new exception rule has been added to this indicator to exclude patients who have an Osteoporosis exception code (OSTEOEXC code group) in the last 15 months (and do not fulfil the requirements of the indicator).

Smoking 06 and Smoking 08

These indicators have been amended so that a patient is selected if either "Support and refer to stop smoking service/advisor (REFERSSSA code group)" OR "Pharmacotherapy (PHARM code group)" have been recorded in the appropriate timescale, rather than both being required previously.


QMS List Maintenance Audits: Less bureaucracy: Less cost

A London cluster has used QMS Practice Focus to manage list inflation in four London Boroughs. List management is a continual problem for busy inner city practices providing services to highly transient populations. Patient turnover in these areas can be as high as 40% and the difference between registered patient populations and ONS population projections had crept above 11%. Such a large discrepancy has made health care planning particularly difficult. Good list management is important because:

  • Screening programmes and health promotion programmes are based on list registered populations
  • Performance and contract management is based on per patient denominators
  • NHS funding is allocated on the basis of registered patients

Often, List Maintenance Audits require GP practices or the PCT to write to all registered patients on a practice's list to identify those that have moved away. This is an expensive and time consuming business and a bore for patients that are regularly seen at the surgery.

The QMS List Maintenance Audit identifies patients that have not been seen at the practice nor had any other interaction in the past 15 months, significantly reducing the numbers of registered patients that need to be followed up. This saves a great deal of work and money and saves active patients the bother of returning needless forms.

Our List Maintenance Audits in London typically identify 12% of registered patients with no activity in the previous 15 months.


CSC to withdraw support for Primary Care Systems

CSC has announced that they are to withdraw support for their Primary Care clinical systems (Synergy and Ganymede) from October next year. GP practices that currently use iSoft Synergy (there are nine across Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham) will be starting to look for a new clinical system supplier. Any QMS customers that would like to discuss the compatibility with QMS products and services with alternative GP clinical systems, should contact our Customer Support Team on 0845 077 3145.

Please remember to give QMS plenty of notice when you plan your migration.


Dr Brian Fisher wins John Perry prize

Lewisham GP Dr Brian Fisher has been awarded the John Perry prize for his work to allow patients to access their medical records. Patients at his Lewisham practice have been able to access their records since 1984 and Dr Fisher has been a national champion and DH advisor for patient access to their medical records for many years. Congratulations Brian.


  Study shows uneven provision of NHS Health Checks

The BBC have reported a study which shows uneven provision of NHS Health Checks across England. The NHS Health Checks programme aims to identify 40 to 74 year olds at risk of cardio vascular disease and is a key part of the Department of Health's strategy to reduce morbidity and mortality from illnesses that cause 94,000 deaths every year. According to the recent study carried out by GP Magazine two thirds of PCTs were unable to offer enough NHS Health Checks to meet the 20% of eligible patients' target.

QMS Health Check Focus is an end to end business solution specifically designed to support PCTs' NHS Health Checks programmes. The software programme is currently being successfully used by three PCTs in South London, two of which are in the top 20% of NHS Health Checks providers.

To talk to QMS about how we could support your PCT provide NHS Health Checks and to arrange a no obligation demonstration, please contact us here.



QMS have refreshed our Information Governance Statement of Compliance for 2012/2013

Robust procedures for good information security and management are very important in our industry. QMS have completed our 2012 Information Governance audit and our Statement of Compliance (IG SoC) at level 2 has been approved by Connecting for Health, and can be verified on the NHS Information Governance website .



QOF v22 Audits now available (2012/13)

QMS have completed development and testing of the latest version of the QOF business rules.  Version 22 covers the 2012/13 audits and these are now available in QMS Practice Focus, The new audits include nine new NICE recommended clinical indicators, with two new clinical areas (Atrial Fibrillation, Smoking, PAD and Osteoporosis).  Full details of the business rules are available from the NHS Employers and Primary Care Contracting (PCC) sites.


QMS Health Check Focus at Tesco

Patients invited for an NHS Health Check in Southwark will soon be able to have their risk of heart disease checked at Tesco's in store pharmacy. The Tesco pharmacy is joining a pilot to test the benefits of providing the NHS Health Check programme in community settings.  All the pharmacists taking part in the pilot will be using QMS Health Check Focus software to record the check, assessing the patients' risk of developing 5 key diseases and reporting the results to the patients' GPs.


Southwark PCT to pilot NHS Health Checks in Pharmacies

NHS Southwark will use QMS Health Check Focus to support a pharmacy pilot across the Borough, starting in May 2012, with up to 10 pharmacies participating. The aim of the pilot is to test the feasibility of providing the NHS Health Check Programme in local pharmacy settings as well as within the Borough's GP service. The pharmacists will use QMS Health Check Focus to record the health check parameters via the user friendly online wizard. The QMS Health Check Focus application allows the pharmacist to display and discuss the results of the health check with the client and securely send the results to the patient's GP. NHS Southwark Community Out Reach Team have also been using QMS Health Check Focus since April 2012.

You can read about NHS Southwark's NHS Health Check Programme here:

and how QMS Health Check Focus could support the NHS Health Check Programme in your PCT here:


Congratulations to NHS Lambeth and NHS Lewisham

Lambeth and Lewisham PCTs are among the best performing PCTs on NHS Health Checks according to new data released by the Department of Health. Both PCTs use QMS Health Check Focus to manage their health checks programme, including the call/recall system. By the third quarter 2011/12 the proportion of the eligible population that were offered an NHS Health Check were 21.6% for Lambeth and 20.4% for Lewisham, placing them 13th and 14th in the performance table for England.


You can download the performance tables from the DH website

and read how QMS Health Check Focus could support your NHS Health Check Programme here:



NHS Operating Framework - Importance of health checks

The NHS Operating Framework for 2012/13 confirms that NHS Health Checks will be a key performance measure for PCTs. Read the Operating Framework.



PCT Health Check Performance published

The charity Heart UK has published a report identifying the performance of PCTs in delivering the NHS Health Check. Read the Report


Visit this page to see how QMS can help you deliver your Health Check programme.




Maximising QoF Income

Click here to read all about our Practice Review service


QMS have moved!

As part of our continued growth, QMS moved premises on the 15th July 2011.

With immediate affect you can call us on our new number of 0845 0773145 and our new address is:

Kingshott Business Centre
23 Hinton Road
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