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Case Study : Delivering Health Checks using QMS Health Check Focus

QMS first partnered with a Primary Care Trust to deliver a Health Checks management solution in February 2010, which has evolved on an incremental basis to become a comprehensive software suite now called QMS Health Check Focus.

By November 2011 the PCT had used the QMS Health Check Focus Call and Recall application to generate 50,578 invitation letters and 35,982 first reminders. Additional letters were sent to 24 patients requiring urgent follow up following their health check.

Over the same period QMS Health Check Focus reported details to the PCT of 7,771 health checks completed in general practices across the Borough to enable central monitoring, GP payment calculations and uptake and performance analysis.

In August 2010 QMS launched the community web based interface, shown in the screenshot below, which allows Health Checks to be recorded directly onto the system from any location with a mobile N3 connection. This system was gradually rolled out to the PCTs community nursing teams who, by November 2011, had recorded 410 community based Health Checks.



The Health Checks Programme at the PCT has been a huge success, already the programme has identified 745 (9.0%) people, without a previous diagnosis, at Very High Risk or High Risk of having one of the four diseases.

“Health Check Focus has enabled [the] PCT to deliver health checks within the community and know that the results get back to the patient's GP in a fast and secure way. It provides an opportunity to view individual provider performance at a glance: being able to see how many people from the different risk stratifications have accessed a health check means we can identify where we might need to make changes to the programme to reach those most in need of a check”

Fraser Serle, NHS Health Checks Project Manager

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