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There are often situations where "off the shelf" audits are insufficient, and you need more detailed information - to support commissioning plans, for example.   QMS are experienced in specifying and developing bespoke audits to assist with:

  • Management and monitoring of Local Enhanced Services
  • Gathering of clinical data for research projects
  • Management of local/regional screening programmes
  • Collection of data for centralised risk assessment and long-term condition management

QMS can bring to bear a wide range of relevant skills to bear on your specific audit requirements, including:

  • Clinical coding and data recording
  • Audit specification and audit writing
  • GP System templates
  • Secure data collection
  • Hands-on practice support

Recent examples of this type of work include:

  • Data collection for research into ethnic (and other) inequalities in quality of care and long-term condition management
  • Management of local programmes, such as HIV Screening and Substance Misuse programmes
  • Monitoring of local incentive programmes, such Local QOF points and QOF Exception reporting.