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Monthly performance statistics from all your primary care providers

CPMS Brochure thumbnailThis service is designed to streamline performance monitoring and data collection from primary care. This fully managed solution utilises QMS Practice Focus software installed in practices to export statistics regularly for central aggregation and analysis. (See here for an overview of data transfer)

In these times of tight budgets and limited resources, it can be challenging to deliver robust contract monitoring from practices. The need to continuously improve the quality of patient care makes it vital to maintain a clear view of your primary care contracts. Collating key performance indicators from GMS, PMS and APMS providers using a variety of clinical systems can be complex and time consuming. Processing payments and reporting on performance can be a logistical nightmare. 

The QMS Contract and Performance Monitoring Service is here to help

Reduced workload on GP's, practice staff and commissioners


Performance monitoring and KPIs for all national and local indicators

  • Monthly reports from practices
  • Scorecard format
  • Early warning of performance issuesHealth Check statistics
  • Bespoke audits tailored to local priorities
  • Monitoring national programmes including immunisation, smears and NHS Health Checks


Accurate, verifiable information for practice payments

  • Payments to practicesPractices export monthly statistics to QMS for analysis and collation
  • Use for performance monitoring
  • Use for calculating payments


Consistent standardised reporting

  • Works with GP clinical systems using READ2
  • Comparable  benchmarked data from all practices


Bespoke tailored audits for local indicators

  • End of Life LES sampleLocal incentive schemes
  • Local enhanced services
  • Local health outcome targets
  • List Maintenance Audits


Provides a platform for additional services

  • Create central patients registers
  • Populate central call/recall databases for example:
    • Retinal screening
    • National NHS Health Checks programme
    • Reconcile childhood immunisation data with community systems
  • Direct uploads of data for community health providers for example:
    • Smoking cessation teamsSmoking Cessation sample
    • HPA flu statistics via Immform


Practice reports to drive quality improvement

  • Smart searches
  • Improve patient care
  • Maximise income


 Further information


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