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The Data Collection Process

At the GP practice

  • QMS Practice Focus software is installed at all practices
  • QMS Practice Focus makes an encrypted copy of the required information from the practices' clinical system database and stores this at a secure agreed location
  • QMS Practice Focus then uses this copy to run the clinical audits and collect the data required for data exports


Monthly Data Refresh

  • At the beginning of each month the practice follows a simple process to refresh the Practice Focus database
  • Once this is completed the Practice is able to run the Practice Focus audits and enable the data export

The Data Export Process

Provided appropriate data sharing agreements are in place, the following data can be sent securely from practices:

  • Statistical data for performance monitoring
  • Patient identifiable data for specific purposes
  • Anonymised data

All data is securely encrypted to NHS standards

At the CCG/Commissioners

  • CCG/Commissioners uses its unique decryption key to decode data
  • Patient identifiable data to manage central programmes
    • Health Checks Programme
    • Childhood Immunisation Programme
  • Anonymised data for monitoring and research purposes
  • QMS can also provide other products at the CCG/Commissioners to support central programmes


  • Statistical data can be exported to QMS for analysis and reporting
  • Click here to see a chart of recent data collection rates
  • Aggregated data presented back to the CCG/Commissioners, following additional analysis and bench marking

At Partner Organisations

  • Patient Identifiable Data can be sent to service providers, such as