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Improved Income to CCG/Consortia

  • Prevalence improvements and potential increase in resource allocations
  • Financial benefits arising from data quality work

Efficiency savings in CCG/Consortia - time and money

  • Reduced time collecting data
  • Resources redirected from data collection to data analysis

Performance monitoring improved

  • Comprehensive monthly extract of high quality data
  • Aggregated into usable format from all practices
  • High levels of practice co-operation

Improved quality of patient care

  • Improved quality of disease registers
  • Support 'fit for sharing' agenda

Improved data quality

  • Improved systems and processes in practice
  • Practice audits and comparative data drives improvement in practices
  • Identify good practices and share best practice
  • Identify poorly performing practices

Value of central registers

  • Retinal screening
  • Health Checks
  • Immunisations
  • Smoking cessation data