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Fully Managed Monthly Data Export Service

The QMS Contract and Performance Monitoring Service has been designed to reduce the bureaucratic burden on GP practice management by simplifying and part automating the processes for reporting KPIs and exporting patient information to other organisations, such as local screening services.

QMS Practice Focus extracts, collates and organises clinical data, enabling the practice manager to quickly and efficiently send monthly, quarterly and annual data returns as required. For the practice manager this is a routine and simple process. Even so, QMS provide further support to GP practices to help ensure the data is up to date and data collection is comprehensive.  We call this our Fully Managed Data Export Service.


  The managed data export service includes a range of support to practices:

  • An email is sent to practice managers every month to clarify which audits and exports should be run that month
  • A reminder email is sent to those that have not run their exports by the 14th of the month
  • QMS proactively monitor the exports and follow up with individual practices where technical issues are identified.
  • A Customer Help Desk provides support from 9am to 5pm every working day
  • QMS monitor data export rates from practices and report these to the Client


  Comprehensive Data Collection Coverage

Based on our experience we expect to achieve very good practice engagement in the data collection process and high rates of data returns.

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