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Improving Patient Care: Increasing Practice Income

Practice income is currently under considerable pressure. In addition workloads and demands on resources are increasing. Practices need to ensure they maximise all available income to allow them to deliver high quality services. QMS has worked with practices throughout the country and identified major variations in practice and significant opportunities to improve practice income without overburdening clinicians.  

  The QMS Practice Review

QMS has developed a process to identify these income opportunities, and many practices are already benefiting from the results.

The process involves using the QMS Practice Focus software, which provides a suite of audits and searches to identify safety issues and potential income. QMS consultants conduct a review of the data with your team, presenting the results in a practice meeting if required, and producing a written report summarising findings and recommendations. The process can be completed in 1 day, and the written report provided within 10 days.


Potential income improvements

  Increase QOF income by 10% even where all targets are met

QMS has considerable experience working with practices across London. Using QMS Practice Focus software, QMS has found that significant numbers of patients are missing from QOF disease registers. By identifying these patients, and adding to registers where appropriate, prevalence can be increased, resulting in increased income. We are generally able to identify potential prevalence increases of 10-20%, although in some cases much more, and this results in 10-20% increase in QOF income for that disease area.

  Maximise income from Enhanced Services

Many practices are missing out on this income. There are some simple steps practices can take, with little impact on workload, to ensure they benefit from the income available. Indeed in many cases the work is already being done, but due to unclear guidance from DoH, and coding issues the payment may be missed.

  Meeting new QOF indicators

Our consultant can highlight audits for the new QOF indicators, and suggest actions to ensure targets are met. Written guidance and aide memoirs will be provided.

  Additional support

QMS Practice Focus also includes additional audits to ensure your practice maximises uptake of flu and pneumococcal vaccination, and supports achievement of child immunisation targets. We often find significant numbers of children immunised but not included in target payments, and provide an early warning system for recalling children due vaccination. The software also supports your practice to deliver the National Health Checks programme, ensuring all work done counts towards payments.


For the existing users of QMS Practice Focus, the cost is £650 ex VAT, and this includes:

  • 1 day review on site with an experienced QMS consultant
  • Presentation of findings at a practice meeting
  • Written report and recommendations


For an average sized practice, we would expect a QMS Practice Review to identify potential income opportunities of £4,500 - £6,000. This will be greater for larger practices and this income would recur annually.

  Case study

QMS completed a practice review in a group of 10 practices in 2011 read the challenges and findings from this project by clicking here.


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In the unlikely event that QMS is unable to identify additional annual income to the value of, or in excess of the cost of this review, QMS will refund the difference between identified income increase and the cost of the services provided.

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