Jill Burke: QMS Consultant

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   The QMS Practice Reviews and all our training programmes are led by our lead consultant, Jill Burke


Jill has worked in primary care for most of her career, joining a clinical system supplier in 1998 as a Primary Care Software trainer. Gaining considerable primary care experience with all the major clinical systems and working with practices to improve their management processes.

With the introduction of the new GP contract in 2004 Jill specialised in training on the QoF including; maximising practice income from QoF, the management of registers, direct enhanced services and exception reporting. Jill has presented at several Management in Practice conferences and has also been invited to sit on the expert panel for QoF related workshops.

In 2008 Jill joined the management team at QMS and continues to work with practices to ensure their continued improvement in QoF achievements and data quality.


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