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Periodically new data exports are added to QMS Practice Focus and, in order for practices to retain control over data leaving the practice, these exports are disabled by default. To enable the export, please follow these steps (clicking on a image will expand it):


1 From the main QMS Practice Focus window, select Export Data (from the menu on the left hand side). There will be a brief pause and then a new window will open listing all the current exports installed. You will see that any new exports currently don't have any schedule information in the Schedule Description column and the current Actions entry for the export will read Define Schedule. Click on the Define Schedule link.


2. Before enabling the export, you should familiarise yourself with the nature and contents of the export. This information can be found by clicking the Report Details tab as indicated:


3. Next, click on the Schedule tab and place a tick in the Schedule Enabled box as indicated.


4. Click on the Export Advanced Details tab as indicated. In order that QMS Practice Focus can send out automated emails alerting you to any issues with the export, please enter your name and email address in the area indicated (these details will not be used for any other purpose).


5. Finally, place a tick in the box adjacent to I confirm that an appropriate Data Sharing Agreement is in place and click on Save Schedule. You will now be returned to the Exporter window and you can now close this.


If, at any stage, you wish to disable the export, please click on the Disable link on the main exporter page as described in step 1.


If you need further information or assistance with this process, please contact QMS Support via support@qms-uk.com or 0845 077 3145.