Refreshing Practice Focus

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How often and when should I run a refresh?

There are no restrictions as to how many times you run your refresh queries in a month. However, in order for your monthly automatic exports to be successful on the 7th of the month, you should aim to run your refresh at least once a month as close to the 1st as possible.

Why do I have to run queries in MIQUEST?

The MIQUEST queries extract data from your clinical system in order to keep the Practice Focus database up to date.

How long should it take to run the refresh queries in my clinical system?

There are no specific guidelines as to how long it should take to run your refresh queries in the clinical system. The speed at which they run varies according to many things including the speed of the clinical server, what other processes are running on the server and the volume of clinical data stored on the server. If you feel your refresh queries are running slower than you'd expect, please contact QMS Support for further assistance.

Can I run queries for a specific clinical area in Practice Focus?

No, the Practice Focus refresh queries are designed to extract all updated information from the clinical server.