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Although, when you import MIQUEST response files, QMS Practice Focus will generate a set of reports for that reference date there are circumstances where it's useful to generate reports for intermediate dates. This facility is available in Practice Focus and is utilised by following these steps:


1. Select Manage Reports from the side menu on the Practice Focus home page.


2. Select Generate New Reports from the Manage Reports window.


3. Either select the individual reports you wish to generate or ensure there is a tick in the Select All box (to generate a full set).


4. In the Choose Reference Date... panel select Custom Date and select the date required from the data drop down.


5. Select Generate and you will be returned to the Manage Reports Screen. You will notice that the reports you have selected have been added to the top of the Existing Reports list and will have one of three statuses. Reports currently being generated will be labelled In Progress, those yet to be generated will be labelled Waiting to be processed and those completed will be labelled Completed. You can only view reports that have a status of Completed.


6. Once your reports have generated the reference date you selected will now appear as an option on any screen that allows you to select specific reference date (i.e. within Practice Focus Reports or when generating or previewing an export for a specific date.

If you need further information or assistance with this process, please contact QMS Support via or 0845 077 3145.