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Priority Searches (Data quality)

QMS have introduced a report to the Front page of the QMS Practice Focus report suite, titled “Priority Searches”:


Several practices have requested for a report within QMS Practice Focus which will highlight new data quality issues, and not include older codes which the practice have already reviewed.  As a result of this, one of the purposes of this new report is to highlight to practices any new data quality issues which may have arisen in between two particular dates.

When you open the report, you will see there are two date drop-down boxes at the top of the page:


For the date drop-down box on the left hand side (“Choose Reference Date”), enter the latest reference date available (this will generally be the last day of previous month).

For the date drop-down box on the right hand side (“Comparison Date”), enter reference date of the last time that you carried out any data quality work using the QMS Practice Focus Data Quality Audits.

Once you have selected the relevant dates, the report will show you relevant data quality indicators where codes have been added to your clinical system within the timescale of the two date ranges you have specified at the top of the screen.


For Example: Displayed below is an indicator within the report titled “Patients with codes indicating possible LD (Learning Disabilities), but not on LD register”.  The reference date is set as 30 September 2010, and the comparison date is set as 31 August 2010:


The table shows that there are 16 patients with possible LD codes but not on the LD register, whereas there is only 1 patient who has had a code added indicating possible LD within the period 31 August 2010 to 30 September 2010.

Clicking on the number in the column titled “Patients added since 31 Aug” will bring up a list of the relevant patients, in this case only one patient is displayed:


As shown in the screen shot above, displayed in the table are three columns titled “POSSLD_Code”, “POSSLD_Rubric” and “POSSLD_Date”.  These columns will show you the latest relevant LD associated code which QMS Practice Focus has identified indicating that this patient should be added to the LD register.

It should be noted that it cannot be assumed that patients listed within these data quality searches should automatically be added to the relevant disease registers.  Before this occurs, a review of the patient’s medical record should be carried out by an appropriate clinician in order to assess what action should be taken regarding the appropriate use of read codes for the patient.