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LogMeIn Rescue is an over the internet based support tool specifically designed for help desk support via a web browser.

It differs from other remote access applications because the remote machine does not allow permanent access to your computer. It simply installs what it needs for the duration of the remote control session and then removes itself once the session has ended. To connect again, QMS would have to ask your permission again and you would have to re-instigate the connection.

The connection works over a 256-bit SSL encrypted session so it is as secure as other online activity such as PC Banking or online shopping. As the remote user, you are in control of the session and can see everything whilst the session is active (there is no screen blanking). You may stop the session at any time by clicking on either of the indicated areas:

QMS recognizes the need to safeguard the confidentiality of patient data and undertakes that, with the express permission of the user, the information will only be used for the purpose of installation and maintenance of Quality Medical Solutions products.

Access to the data will be restricted to the individuals essential for carrying out this work and no other person will see or be able to use all or part of the data without the express permission of the user.

On completion of remote connection, any copies of data still available to the QMS Technician will be deleted.

QMS will not disclose or discuss any confidential information obtained during the remote connection with a third party without the express permission of the practice of PCT/Consortia.

Before agreeing to the use of a remote login

Before you allow the remote login connection, please note:

  • As the technician will be able to view anything on your PC's desktop, please close of minimise any windows containing confidential or sensitive information

  • The QMS technician will advise you which applications he/she will need access to. Please close or minimise any other applications

  • That you have read and understood the above guidance and the company's confidentiality statement.